Brian Garland attended the University of Missouri and received undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Statistics. He also earned his MBA in 2004. Garland started in the ticket industry in 2002. His background led him to start automating many of the monotonous time consuming processes he saw in his company.

  • Autopilot program is launched, representing Ticket Attendant's third product offering for brokers.

  • Ticket Attendant launches its aggregation and inventory management cloud, its second product offering. Within 6 months, it is managing over $20M annually in gross ticket sales.

  • Ticket Attendant hits 10 brokers using its software products to manage over $130M in gross ticket sales.
  • Ticket Attendant is formed and launches its first product, a Suite of 3 software products for secondary market sellers.

  • Along with 4 other colleagues, Brian and Alex open the current office in Chicago, just a few blocks south of Wrigley Field.

  • First office opened. Operations are moved from Columbia, MO to the hustle and bustle of Kansas City, KS.
  • Company founders Brian Garland and Alex Disov discover the ticket market as a pleasant diversion from their Computer Sciences studies at the of University of Missouri.