Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any guarantees to have your software up and running?

Yes, we guarantee our software will be up and running within 5 business days if there is a change in the vendor's website. If it goes over 5 business days, you will receive double credit for the time is down past that point.

All your applications look great! Can I use all of them?

Yes! Our applications are not only designed to help you save time and money, they are designed to work together.

  • Ticket Attendant
  • Team Ticket Downloader
  • Orders App
  • Auto POer
  • eBay Attendant
  • Virtual Hosting
I already use similar services, why should I use yours?

Our software applications are built with the ticket broker in mind. We offer a more complete solution than anybody else on the market.

I see that your mobile apps are coming soon, do you have an estimate of when they will be ready to use?

Our focus will likely be on growing clientelle for our applications then working on mobile applications for the programs. They will slowly roll out within the next year.

What do I get if I refer someone?

Please contact a representative for referral information.

I don't use Ticket Technology, am I still able to use your applications?

Although most of our products are built around Ticket Technology, we do offer several applications that work with any or no POS at all. We expect to incorporate other POS platforms in Spring 2014.

How do I get started?

Give us a call at 773-888-3048 and we will help get you started.