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Ticket Attendant

Keep live inventory, update sales and more!

Automatically remove sales from your upload file

Prevent double sells and save time with automatic uploads.

Customize your file by vendor

Set up rules by vendor! Set up exclusions, discounts, mark ups, auto-complete, etc...


in the Ticket Attendant



Ticket Attendant Watcher Website

Team Tickets Downloader

Download tickets and barcodes to your POS

Download tickets by individual game or the full season!

The Team Tickets Downloader will save the tickets, attach tickets to your POS and attach the barcodes to your POS.

Works with all season ticketing platforms

We can even do the same downloding/barcode and attaching process for tickets that must be transferred to "Buddy Accounts."


Professional &



Team Tickets Downloader

Orders App and Auto POer

Organize all your ticket purchases

Download tickets for multiple accounts

Scheduled account checking automatically saves tickets to a shared drive or cloud. Search, save, print and email your tickets in just a few clicks.

Multiple vendor support

Download and save tickets from your ticket accounts as well as link your POP email accounts for additional support with other vendors.


Auto POer

Orders Application

Virtual Machine

Quickly access your point of sale anywhere!

Allow remote access for multiple users without effecting the speed

Our virtual machines run the only operating system that allows users to run the remote desktop app on an iOS (Mac) device or Android device!

Dropbox Pro is included at no extra cost!

Secure, redundant servers host your POS and e-tickets. No more worries of internet or power failure!


Fast Speed





Get a


Pro Import

Import tickets, PDFs and barcodes to POSnet

The move to a Point of Sale is now easier

Our inventory importer will bring in all of your Stubhub listings including net price directly into Ticket Technology's POS.

Put a Point of Sale on our virtual machines for easy access from anywhere

All of our products are fully integrated with Ticket Technology's Point of sale. Save time, money, energy and insure accuracy with all of our products.



EB Attendant

Affordable & Flexible auto-lister for eBay

Update inventory quickly and easily

eBay Attendant uses your standard upload file file to list new auctions and take down old auctions. The perfect complementary software to the Ticket Attendant.


Use your own template or choose from one of ours. Fixed price or multi-quantity listings.

We make Custom Ticket Software!

We can bring your ideas to life

Years of Experience in the Industry

Our experience is the difference when it comes to understanding your needs.


We offer desktop, web, and mobile apps for improved flexibility.

Easy to Manage Websites & Hosting

Choose from a variety of unique templates.

Quick Results

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Ticket Attendant offers many applications to help streamline your business

  • Save Time

    Our applications are designed to speed up your job, reduce double sells, shorten delivery time and save you time and money.

  • Product Guarantee

    If one of our vendors changes their site, we GUARANTEE to full functionality within 5 business days. If the product is not completely restored, you will receive DOUBLE CREDIT for the time it is down.

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  • Security

    Information is saved on your local server. Credit card numbers are not stored anywhere in the system. All meet PCI Compliance.

  • Referral Program

    We appreciate referrals so we have a referral bonus program. Refer a customer and get a month free.*

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Not only is this company friendly, but they have products that save tons of time and money. I love being able to download my full season tickets.

These products have saved me hours of time and helped to keep me organized.

Excellent customer support and technical support. Products work well all the time!